13 February 2023

2023 – A New Start for Reiki Ken

2020 and 2021 were really busy years for me.  The arrival of Covid-19 and the resultant UK lockdowns resulted in my switching from offering contact Reiki to the people of north east England to offering distant Reiki to anyone anywhere in the world.  Consequently, for the first time since I started my Reiki Ken practice in 2009, I had a waiting list, and a steadily growing list, at that. I worked my way through all of those lovely oversea and home clients, and eventually settled down to a comparatively quiet year in 2022.

That quiet year became – for me – a year best forgotten.  For the first time, I got Covid, in the summer, and its attendant feelings of tiredness really knocked the stuffing out of me.   My eyesight started to deteriorate at that time, too; a checkup revealed that my slowly growing cataracts (which I had had for years) now needed surgery to remove them.  I had the operations (which were amazingly brief and painless), and they went through without a hitch, and I’m now waiting to see the optometrist in mid February, who will then decide what kind of new glasses I will need to wear.

During the Covid bout, I also took a good hard look at my life, and decided that, then at the age of 70, and having been in my present home for thirty years, the time had come to a smaller property (still in Darlington), and thus began the business of downsizing.  I’ve had six car-load trips to the local tip, so far, and numerous charity bags have also helped me in the ongoing process of de-cluttering my home and my life.

So, if you’ve wondered why you’ve had no blogs from me for such a long time, now you have the answer, in this, for me a new dawn.

Over past few months I’ve been giving my Reiki Ken practice a lot of thought, and here’s what I’ve come up with –

  • This month will see me actually celebrate my 71st birthday – and I have absolutely no intention of retiring!  I do, however, readily acknowledge the need for me to have a little more Me Time.  So, while I will continue to teach Reiki and run courses from my home, and while I will continue to do my Reiki research project with Reiki Home, I will, from now on, be doing client sessions only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and afternoons only.
    (NB – Distant clients will, of course, continue to receive their distant Reiki sessions whenever they want to receive them.)
    So, that’s three Reiki sessions each day, nine sessions a week in total.
    For more information on my distant Reiki sessions, click here, and for info on how to book a Reiki session with me, click here.
    I will be updating those pages to take account of the changes as soon as I can – and when I have done that I will send you a blog!
  • A Reiki session with KenI have had a few enquiries lately about my doing contact Reiki again.  So, I have decided to start offering some slots in my weekly schedule for those who want contact Reiki with me.  Because of my working reduced hours for client session work, and offering only a maximum of nine Reiki sessions per week, I have decided to start offering three contact Reiki sessions per week.  So, if you live within traveling distance of Darlington, in Co Durham, and you would like to come to me for some contact Reiki sessions, call me on 07803905881 (the number is also at the top of each page of this website) for more information.
    Please note that I will need to add a new page to my website, Contact Reiki with Reiki Ken.  That will be done, but it will take time, so please be patient with me.
    As with my courses, I will be doing a blog with more information about the contact Reiki sessions I will be offering you, in the very near future – watch out for that!
  • Up to now, I have increased my prices only twice since I started the practice in 2009.  I had decided to increase them in 2020, but along came Covid, and the timing, thus, was not good, so I cancelled that price rise.  At the beginning of last year, 2022, I looked again at a price increase, but with both the rapidly rising UK inflation and the astronomic price rises in the areas of domestic gas and electricity, both those situations made me feel it more prudent on my part to again put off my own price rises.
    If you take a look at my Testimonials page, you will see that I offer a really professional service to my contact and distant Reiki clients, and have experience going way back to 1998 when I did my own Level 1 course, and to 2009 when I started to set up my Reiki Ken practice.
    While the prices of my courses will not be going up this year, I will be increasing the prices of my contact and distant Reiki sessions later this year.
    Whenever that will be, current clients at that time will have their prices frozen for a period of three months at their current rates.
    However, I will give more information about this some time in the summer.
    Watch out for a blog!
  • Talking of my courses, I intend to start teaching Reiki again, as soon as possible.  If you are interested in learning Reiki from me, then click here for all the information about my courses.
    But, note – all my courses are taken here, live, face to face, at my premises in Darlington, Co Durham.  At the moment, I have no plans to do any courses online; in making that decision I am following the guidelines laid down for this matter by the UK Reiki Council and the UK Reiki Federation.
    I will be sending you a blog about my courses, and will be updating the Reiki Courses page, before long.
  • Looking through my website, it has become obvious to me that it is in need of some refreshment; some pages need to be rewritten and brought up to date; I need to add at least one new page, Contact Reiki with Reiki Ken.
    Plus, I need to communicate with you a little more often, with blogs.
    Bear with me, give me time, and I will get those pages attended to, as soon as I can.
    (Don’t worry about that last point, re blogs!  I won’t be inundating you with daily blogs!  I don’t have time to write anything like that.  I’m thinking more in terms of around one a month, no more than that.)
  • Lastly, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  I might be 71 now, but don’t you dare write me off as someone unwilling to embrace new skills!  When I left school in 1969 I spent the first twenty or so years of my working life with something approaching a career in IT  (or Data Processing, as it was more mundanely referred to back then, in the dim and distant pre-internet days), so I have good grounding in the subject today.  Move forward thirty years or so in time, and here am I soaking up as much info as I can on the subject of social media.  In particular, Facebook and LinkedIn; on both of those platforms you can find me as Reiki Ken.
    I have around 1600 connections on LinkedIn, but only 167 followers on Facebook: I would really like to boost those numbers, especially Facebook, so if you are on Facebook and would like to follow me, click on the link on your Facebook page, and I will most certainly follow you back!
    I offer a first class service for all of my clients and my students, and my aim with social media is to spread the word of Reiki Ken as far as I possibly can. 
    That will take time, but if you can help me with that aim on either of those platforms I would be most grateful.

All of the above is going to take me a lot of time, so please bear with me, and be patient; I will achieve the above aims but it’s not something that can be rushed.

Watch out for the next blog!  It will be about my courses, and will be posted and boosted on Facebook, too!

  • Finally, if you’re interested in being a student on any of my courses (Levels 1, 2, and 3), please see the Reiki Courses page of my website,and email me at mail@reikiken.com.
  • If you’re interested in having contact Reiki from me, call me on 07803905881.
  • And if if you want distant Reiki from me, see the Distant Reiki and Book a Reiki Session pages of my website, and email me at mail@reikiken.com.