24 March 2022

A New Level 1 course coming up – with you?

On Sunday 13 September, 1998, I completed my own Reiki Level 1 course: little did I know back then just what a life changing experience that was going to turn out to be for me.  Or for the Reiki students I would myself be teaching nearly twenty years later.  Of course, not everyone who learns Reiki goes on to be a Reiki practitioner and teacher; for most people it’s that thing they’ve been taught to do, whether daily, weekly, or whatever, that relaxes them, and helps to take the strain out of everyday life.

But, here’s what Claire, one of my first Level 1 students had to say –
Ken, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for such a fantastic [Reiki Level 1 teaching] weekend. You are a wonderful teacher and I’m so proud to have been one of your first students! Reiki has had a profound effect on my health and well being. Looking forward to Level 2!

So, would you like to start on the path of learning how to do Reiki?  I’m planning to run a Reiki Level 1 course some time in the near future.  I already have one person who’s expressed interest in doing the course with me, so I need two or three more people to do the course with her.  As the courses are run here at my home in Darlington, I need a maximum of four students per course, with, on the other hand, a minimum of two.

For detailed information about my courses, click here for the Reiki Teaching page of my website.

I don’t do online courses.  Instead, I do it the way Mikao Usui himself taught Reiki, that is, face to face, in the same room.  (You’ll find that the UK Reiki Federation, the UK Reiki Council, and Balens, the leading UK complementary therapists’ insurers, not one of them will recognise a Reiki Level 1, 2, or 3 course done online.)

One of the many reasons why my courses are done face to face is that so often friendships develop from my courses, in a way that they can’t do if the students are from other parts of the country (or the world!).  Thus, students on my courses continue to get mutual support from fellow students not just over the weekend, but for as long as they want!  And you’ll also continue to get support from me, too, in a way that online courses are unable to offer.

I’ve seen some online courses, and have been appalled at the lack of course content.  With me, you will receive a free copy of Penelope Quest’s excellent book, “The Reiki Manual”, and that will be the manual I will use to teach Reiki to you.

Thus, what you will learn on my courses is Reiki knowledge and information that is bang up to date.

Interested?  Email me at mail@reikiken.com for further details.  (But, please add mail@reikiken.com to your Contacts file, or else your email system might just treat my email to you as spam!)

I look forward to both hearing from you, and to teaching you to bring the benefits of Reiki into your own life!