22 July 2021

Do You Want to Learn How to Do Reiki?

Do you live in north east England?

Because of the UK government’s social distancing rules, I have been unable to run any of my Reiki courses since February 2020.  However, now, at last, I am able to start running those courses again, live at my premises, and face to face.  There are three Levels – 1, 2, and 3, and I run all three courses.
All the information about them can be found on the Reiki Teaching page of this website – click here!

You’ll see from the testimonials on that page just what the experience was like of others who have already done the courses.

Although I have been running my Reiki practice since 2009, I have been doing Reiki for over twenty years. If you want to learn Reiki from me, you will be tapping in to all of that experience, and if you look at the Who is Reiki Ken? page of my website, you will see just how in depth and varied that experience is.

So, if you want to come on one of my courses, go to the Reiki Teaching page, and scroll down to the paragraph starting –

Do you live in north east England?
Get in touch with me now!

– and follow the advice there!

I look forward to hearing from you!