19 April 2021

First a Newsletter – Now a Blog!

The twelfth anniversary of Reiki Ken came up in June this year, and throughout those years I’ve kept my clients – people like you? – up to date with all that has been going on in the world via my newsletter, the Reiki Ken Chronicle.  The most recent issue was published a week or two ago – and it was the last one.  Exit the newsletter – enter the Reiki Ken Blog!

This is a much more up to date way of my keeping in touch with you, and so much more flexible than a newsletter.  From now on I have a choice of medium to employ – it could be text, like this; or a video, or a podcast.

The newsletter came out every two months, but the blogs will come out as and when the event happens.

The people who subscribed to my newsletter will now receive an email from me whenever I publish a new blog.  If you would like me to add your name and email address to my blog subscription list, just click here, give me your details, and I will make sure you keep up to date with news from the world of Reiki Ken.

Another element of the Reiki Ken Chronicle were articles about Reiki that I had found on the internet; they were articles from magazines and websites from around the world, and were a a popular part of the newsletter.  Now, those articles will be published – as I find them – on the Reiki in the News page of my website.  Click here to see what I’ve found so far.