9 June 2024

Fourteen Years of Reiki Ken!

Fourteen years ago, on this day, June 9, 2009, I took the fateful step of leaving my paid work as a Carers Support Worker with a disability charity here in Darlington, Co Durham, and went self-employed. I was 57 years old, and the recession had started the year before, and one or two other things had come into play in my life at that time, but I knew then that if I didn’t take that massive step and go it alone at that point in my life, then in all probability I never would.

Thus began the long journey that brought me to where I am today.

It was an incredibly steep learning curve that was ahead of me, but I tackled it.  I had to learn even more about Reiki than I knew even then.  I had to learn about Business.  I did have an ONC in Business Studies, but that was from way back; still, it helped, but was only a small step.  I had loads more to learn.  And I’m still learning about business today.  And about Reiki.

Now, when I look at the Who is Reiki Ken? page of my website, I am amazed at the journey I have taken so far.

And you, the lovely subscribers to my blog, some of you have been with me pretty much from the start!  Except, in those days it wasn’t a blog, it was my newsletter, the Reiki Ken Chronicle.  It was free, and started going out actually in 2012 (front page of first issue shown here!), replacing a previous newsletter that I bought in, online, and had tailored it to my own requirements.  The Chronicle, however, was my own design, drawing on my documentary skills from a previous job I’d had in IT, as a technical author.  In those days I wrote computer manuals, and put together training material, another skill that became invaluable when I started putting together all of the leaflets that I have given to various clients down through the years.

I have had over 240 of those clients so far, and and as for you, my blog subscriber, you are one of nearly 200 subscribers.

I have already given my thanks to my clients by giving current clients a free distant Reiki session, added to the end of their current blocks of sessions.

To you, dear reader, please accept my warmest thanks for your continued support of my blog!  I really am most grateful to you for that invaluable support!

Now that things are settling down again in my life after the health challenges of last year and into the early part of this year, I will be aiming to put out no more than two blogs per month, bringing you information not just about what is going on in my practice (with its three strands – client work, teaching, and research), but also in the world of Reiki beyond.

Again, thank you for your support!  (And if you want to get in touch with me, just press the reply button on the email that I sent you regarding this blog.  I would love to hear from you!)