31 May 2024

I’m Teaching Level 1 and Level 3 Again Soon – Join me?

In my previous blog, I told you what had been going around here recently with regards to increased workload and my health challenges that came with said workload increase?  (See here, in case you missed that blog.)

Update Time.

The spinal problem is on its way out now, I’m really pleased to say; it’s going slowly, but it’s going, and that’s the main thing.  The anaemia, too, seems to be bidding me a fond farewell as the 90 day course of iron tablets starts to do its job. Phew.

So, that being the case, with my strength on its way back to normality, I am on the verge of adding a Level 1 course and a Level 3 course to my calendar.  I have only one place left on the Level 1 course, and two on the Level 3 course – could you fill either of those places?

Have you been wanting to learn how you, too, can do Reiki?  And you would like to learn all of that from an experienced and enthusiastic Reiki teacher like me?  (Click here for the “Who Is Reiki Ken?” page from my website.) 

Then I would love to teach you!

First, you need to take a look at the Reiki Courses page of my website, by clicking here. (Please note that I hope to be updating it some time in the next few weeks.)

You need to know that none of my Reiki courses are online.  They are all face to face.  Having previously been not only a member of the UK Reiki Federation, but also their Research Coordinator, also a member of their Management Committee and, additionally, a seconded member of the UK Reiki Council, I still follow their guidelines regarding sticking to the traditional Japanese way of learning Reiki in the presence of the Reiki Master (click here for more info). So, my courses are face to face, and held here in Darlington, in the beautiful county of Durham, in north east England.

All students will receive a free copy – ordinarily £16.99 at Waterstones –  of Penelope Quest’s wonderful book, The Reiki Manual, which we will use as our course book.  For more information about The Reiki Manual, click here.

Are you interested in a place on either course?

First, you must read my Reiki Courses page of my website.

Next, if you’ve never done a course with me in the past, or if you’ve never been a client of mine, it would be useful for both of us if you could have at least one contact Reiki session from me well before the start of the course.  We will discuss this and other points in our conversation.

I am really looking forward to running both of these courses (and others, hopefully, later in the year), and if you would like to be a student on either of these two courses, then I am looking forward to meeting you, too!

So, call me on 07803905881, or email me at mail@reikiken.com.