23 April 2021

One session of Reiki is never enough

One Session of Reiki is Never Enough

What does Reiki do?  It relaxes you, and speeds up your body’s natural healing.  Simple as that.  It’s not magic, no one ever said it was.  So, it needs more than one session.  The example I always use is to say to people, if you went to see your doctor and he/she gave you a prescription for a course of medication, you took it to the pharmacist and got your tablets.  Would you just try one, and then tell yourself it’s not worked, and then throw the rest away?  Hardly.  So why think you need only one session of Reiki to sort out your health problem(s)?

Let’s get back to that prescription I just mentioned.  Is it just for one tablet?  Hardly.  The chances are it’s a month’s supply.  So, again, why should Reiki be any different?  You’ll always need more than one session if you want to tackle whatever problem it is you have.  That applies just the same to me.  In one of my videos elsewhere on this website, where I describe how I got rid of the pain of osteoarthritis in my knees in just hours, I still continued giving myself regular Reiki, and still do now, in 2021, fourteen years after I originally resolved the pain issue.

So, when I give you my offer, “your first session is free“, it is just that.  Your first session.

You will need more.

(And it is wonderful!  I quite literally couldn’t do without it it in my life!)