5 May 2023

Reiki Ken relaunch – the story so far . . .

In my Blog of February 13, I outlined my plans for a necessary relaunch of my Reiki practice.  Everything was going smoothly; I’d written and updated the new  Reiki Courses page of my website, and had written and proofread the new Contact Reiki Sessions page, and was about to publish it on the website, when Life threw a few curve balls my way, and scuppered my Contact Reiki plans (for now, that is).

Too late – somebody bought it!

The first was when I changed estate agents, and within a couple of weeks of starting with the new estate agent, she not only brought in the viewings, but one of them made me an excellent offer for my house, which I duly accepted.  That had the immediate effect of applying more pressure on me to find a new Maison Ken; more time for house hunting, less time for client work?

The second was an unexpected outcome of the work I had done thus far on updating/rewriting parts of this website.  Those of you familiar with the website term SEO will understand why what happened did happen – over the following few weeks I got more enquiries from potential distant Reiki clients than I’d had in the same period of time since the start of lockdowns in 2020!  I’m currently working my way through them; from doing their first – free “taster” – distant Reiki session to booking them in with a block of weekly sessions.

The mysteries of SEO

The third was an about turn on my plans to go all out for social media marketing.  I realised that my website was actually performing quite well; the problem was, partly, the content.  What was on the website was fine for Covid times, 2020 onwards, but not for 2023 times.  I was already aware of that, but not to the extent of the effects of that on the SEO capabilities of the website.  The website, therefore, is in great need of an SEO overhaul, and while I can do some of that, I need to place it in the hands of an SEO company.  I’ve already had approaches from a few, and I think I’ve made my choice as to which company will do that.  Grants are available, for such SEO marketing work for small businesses as mine, which is something I’ll take advantage of.

(As for social media, it seems to me to be so labour intensive, and something that the writer has to keep at it, posting really frequently.  On the other hand, I already have a good website, that simply needs a technical overhaul.  For me, for now – at least – social media is not, after all, the answer to my problem.)

So.  With all the above extra work on my shoulders it would be foolish of me to start telling the good people of North East England that my doors are now open to them for contact Reiki from me, when in all probability I would, straight away, have to put them on a Waiting List while I got on with Points One, Two and Three above.

Thus, for now, no more contact Reiki from me (apart, that is, from current contact clients and potential students who would like to have one or two contact Reiki sessions with me before they decide to go on one of my courses); it’s going to be all distant Reiki sessions for the foreseeable future, as I continue to prepare to move house.  I’m staying in Darlington, but still moving house, nonetheless.

This website is in the process of an amazing makeover!

Apart from the above, there’s not much for me to report on, here . . .

From time to time, when I can fit it in, I am continuing to rewrite and update other parts of the website, however, and I’ll keep you up to date on those developments with further blogs.