23 April 2021

Reiki Ken website – the latest version!

In March of 2020, the world changed for pretty much everyone on the planet.  The introduction of lockdown rules severely curtailed our way of life.  Some businesses went bust, but others adapted, and survived: Reiki Ken was one such business.

What’s new?

  • I deleted one page (Reiki in the workplace), and added two new ones – My Prices (Your Savings), and Reiki in the News.
  • There are now two new aids to help you navigate your way around the website – a Back to the Top Arrow on every page, and what is called a breadcrumb (click on the word Home on that – at the top of each page – and you’re taken instantly to the Home page).
  • A large amount of the text on every page has been rewritten, to reflect the new distant Reiki world.
  • There is now no Reiki Ken Chronicle.
    Instead – a blog!
    A blog is a much more effective way for someone like me to keep in touch with good people like yourself.  It can be in text form, or a video, or a podcast.
    Watch this space!
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