8 June 2023

Would you like to learn Reiki at Level 1 with me?

Have you experienced Reiki?  Would you like to learn how to do Reiki, yourself?  I would love to teach you!

I have only two places left on a forthcoming Level 1 Reiki course – could one of those places be yours?

If you want to know more about my Reiki courses, click here for the Reiki Courses page of my website.

All students get a free copy of Penelope Quest‘s beautiful book, “The Reiki Manual“, which we will use as our course book.

I don’t have a fixed date for the course yet; that depends upon how quickly I can fill the remaining two places.  If I can fill those two places during this month (June 2023), then we will probably be looking at starting the course some time in September.

I started teaching Reiki in 2017, and I am so looking forward to sharing my passion for Reiki with you!

Have you never had Reiki from me?
If you want to do this course with me, I would like you to have a contact Reiki session with me, first, so we can see if we would like to work together.  Call me on 07803 905881 as soon as you can, and I’ll book you in for your first contact Reiki session with me.

Are you a former client of mine?
If you’ve had Reiki from me in the past, and would like to have a place on this Level 1 course, then call me on 07803 905881, and we’ll take it from there.

Please note – if, when you call me, you get my answering service, please leave a message, referring to this course, and giving me your name and phone number, and I will call you back as soon as I can.

I did my own Level 1 course twenty five years ago, back in 1998, and I will never forget what a difference it made to my health and my life.  I look forward to sharing the experience of those twenty five years with you, later this year.