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During the current coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown,
I am still able to offer Reiki – but by distant Reiki only.

Because of the financial effects of the virus,
blocks of weekly sessions with me are now available by weekly payments.
See below.

Reiki is the transfer of energy through the practitioner to you: your body recognises the energy and sets it to work both to relax you and to accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Arrange an appointment with me, by phone, and you will visit me at my home. In my Reiki Room, you will lie on my treatment table, fully clothed (apart from your shoes).  You will receive the Reiki energy through my hands.  My hands will gently touch specific parts of your body. (Apart from personal areas, that is; in those cases my hands will be a few inches above the body.)  The energy will stay with you, working on your health, for two or three days after your appointment.  The session will last for an hour.  I will explain more when I see you. I will be pleased to answer any questions by email, too.

For information about Distant Reiki treatments, click here.

So, to book your appointment please call me now, on either 0780 390 5881 or (01325) 469654, or else email me at


Your first one hour session with me is free!

Are you a member of a health insurance or health cash plan? Many of them will allow you to claim cashback on dental checkups, physiotherapy, etc – and Reiki treatments! If you are a member, your Reiki sessions could end up being free of charge to you! Consult your provider for confirmation.

Your next sessions? Choose from the following –

Single Sessions – For a single session of Reiki, in my Reiki Room, £29.

If you have a long-term illness or condition you would benefit from weekly Reiki; book a block of either 5 or 8 sessions, in my Reiki Room –

5 Sessions – Book a block of 5 weekly sessions for only £24 each, totalling £120.00.

8 Sessions – Book a block of 8 weekly sessions for only £19 each, totalling £152.00.

I am aware that we are all going through a time of great uncertainty that is testing most of us in many ways to extremes that we have never experienced before now.  That uncertainty is causing massive problems in areas of our lives such as our finances, our employment, our personal relationships, and elsewhere.  There will be many people around the world – like you? – who will be seeking help from sources such as Reiki, but who will be doing so with what are now very limited budgets.  I am aware of the unaccustomed financial constraints that your new life may be causing you to think again about taking a course of Reiki treatments.  So, to that end, I am offering the above blocks of either 5 or 8 weekly Reiki sessions, payable weekly.

Thus a block of 5 weekly sessions would cost you the discounted price of only £24 each week, for 5 weeks, rather than the full one-off amount of £120.

Similarly, a block of 8 weekly sessions would cost you the further discounted price of only £19 each week, for 8 weeks, rather than the full one-off amount of £152.

If you can pay the full amounts of £120 or £152, that would be ok for me, but the new weekly payments should make the benefits of Reiki treatments a more accessible option for you in these stressful times.

Book a Reiki session today!

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Contact Reiki appointments – please note
When you book your sessions with me I will give you an appointment card with the date and time of your appointment.  I can also send you a text reminder the day before your appointment.  If you are unable to keep your appointment please let me know as soon as possible.  The more notice I have will enable me to offer the slot to someone else.  I am aware of the need for flexibility in the case of cancellations or postponements of appointments.  However, please note that – with regard to one-off £29 sessions that are not kept – in extreme cases I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.