Distant Reiki

Is this you?
You have decided that you want the benefits of Reiki to help you with your illness or condition?
But you don’t live near to either Darlington or Co Durham?
Or you don’t live in the UK?

The answer – distant Reiki.

(Please note – I do distant Reiki, not contact Reiki!)

But wait, you like the idea of Reiki, but you’re a bit iffy about distant Reiki?
Click here, here, and here, and see recent clinical trials examining the use of distant Reiki.

Now, here’s what Jeanette said about her distant Reiki experience –
“I have been having regular distant Reiki treatments with Ken for a few months now and always find them really helpful. Sleep is much improved, as are stress levels.”
(See the Testimonials page.)

Distant Reiki is the same as contact Reiki, apart from the fact that you’re not coming to see me here in Darlington in the UK.
You will be wherever you are, wherever in the world that might be.
You simply lie back (or sit), and let the Reiki energy come to you!

Distant Reiki is at least as powerful as contact Reiki.
(In her book, “The Reiki Manual“, Penelope Quest says just that.)

You can receive your Reiki from me on an evening, if you want. 
You can receive it on a weekend, if you choose.

You can have your Reiki from me, at your own home, and at a date and time of your own choice!

For more information, click here for my Book a Reiki Session page.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about their experiences of distant Reiki –

  • I started receiving distant Reiki from Ken a few months ago due to stress related to the coronavirus lockdown and also due to irregular periods.  Since the sessions started, I have been feeling much more relaxed and my periods have also improved.  I would really recommend booking a session with Ken even if you are sceptical about distant Reiki.  Ken is a fantastic professional and will provide you with all the information you need before your sessions and the feedback afterwards to monitor your progress.  Worth giving it a try and looking after yourself with Reiki.
    Rachel, Bristol
  • A few months ago I had a very serious back problem, causing many issues. Having experienced past problems with anti inflammatories and other medications in recent years, I have turned more to the holistic approach.  After doing some research into healing energy, I decided to try Reiki.   I found Ken, a local Reiki Master on the internet, and contacted him.  He was very kind and understanding as he listened to my problems.  As he was only giving distance Reiki, due to COVID-19, I decided to give it a go.
    After the first session (which was free), I felt different.  I am now in a much better place than I was.  To now be able to walk through the park again with my wife and kids is an amazing wonderful thing.
    I can’t thank Ken enough and would recommend him and Reiki to anyone who needs help, emotionally or physically.
    I still have a long way to go.  But for me this is just the start of a new journey.  I hope to learn Reiki from Ken the Master, himself.
    Richard, Co Durham
  • Contact Reiki had been helping me with chronic pain previously, however, I had severe post operative pain following spinal surgery. As I was unable to go to Ken, I decided to give distance Reiki a try. The results were amazing; following my first session, I was able to cope without morphine. My pain was much more manageable and improved my mobility. I was so impressed that I am going to have a course of distance Reiki until my next surgery. I would never have believed that distance Reiki could be just as powerful as contact Reiki!
    Claire, Co Durham
  • My son Harvey who was 7 months old at the time, received 2 sessions of distant Reiki therapy from Ken. My son had been suffering with ongoing chest problems since birth, brought on by premature birth. After receiving some therapy Harvey was less stressed, and content. It definitely made a difference! Many thanks for your help and support.
    Caroline and Harvey, Co Durham
  • I asked Ken to send me some distant healing for a painful knee and at the appointed time I lay down on my bed. After a little while Mitzi my cat came and curled up on my chest, something she has never done before or since. When I spoke to Ken a few days later he asked me if I was having problems with my chest, something he had picked up on during the session. I said no, and we were both confused – until I remembered my cat. She had been off colour for a few days but after the distant healing she was fine! How she sensed where to come to for help is mind boggling. Needless to say, my knee was fine, too.
    Anne, Yorkshire
  • Had a session of distant Reiki with Ken when suffering from nerves before French oral exams – result – complete confidence and an A*.
    Val, Co Durham

What do you do?

Email me at mail@reikiken.com, and tell me –

  • What you need help with from a Reiki treatment.
    (Just as you would if you had rung me up to talk to me about what you want from Reiki.)
  • Tell me which town and country you live in.
  • Then email me.

Next, note the following –

  • An important element of distant Reiki for you to appreciate is that I can time it to work on you at the time that you prefer.
    By that, I mean, if you wanted a session at, say, 8.00 pm your local time, I can do it here, in the UK, at whatever time I am able to do it, but I will time it to be received by you at your time.

I’ll email you back, with details of what you need to do next.

  • For instance, I will email a couple of leaflet attachments to you; one is “What is Distant Reiki?”, and the other is “What Do I Do During the Distant Reiki Session”.
    They will give you more information about your distant Reiki sessions.
  • So, email me now, and book your first session!
    Please add mail@reikiken.com to your email contacts list; otherwise your computer might treat my reply as spam.

How much does it cost?

If you have never had Reiki from me before, your first one hour session with me is completely free!
That saves you £32!

After the first session, the fees for further distant Reiki sessions are the same as they are for contact Reiki, so click here to see the My Prices, Your Savings page.

After your first session, we will discuss what form of further treatment you require; either –

  • one-off sessions
  • or a block of five weekly sessions
  • or a block of eight weekly sessions

Please note – the blocks of sessions offer you most attractive discounts!
And blocks of eight weekly sessions have been the most popular option for my clients since 2013.

Click here for the My Prices, Your Savings page.

I will email you with details of how to pay me.
(My preferred method of payment is via PayPal.)

What do you do after each session is over?

  • After the session, wait for two or three days, and see how you feel, and see how the Reiki is doing its job within you.
    (The Reiki energy stays in your body, doing its job of healing, for several days after the day of the appointment.)
  • Then I’ll email you, and ask you what you experienced both during and after the session, and will give you explanatory feedback.

What else?

To get full benefits of your Reiki session make sure you follow these guidelines.

  • At the time of your appointment(s) you should be at home, relaxing, preferably in a room on your own (your bedroom would be ideal).
  • If it helps, play some soft music in the background.
    (YouTube have some really good Reiki music videos that I always use myself during the Reiki sessions.)
  • Make sure no one disturbs you, and ensure also that you have your phone switched off.
  • Just lie there, on your bed (or sit, quietly, in your chair), and close your eyes.
    Do nothing other than that!
    Reiki is more than powerful enough to work on you unaided, so you don’t need to help it.
    If you do try to help it you will actually hinder its progress.
    Your mind is more powerful than you realise!

    (After all, it’s your time, your session, you’ve paid for it; I want you to get the best from it!)

    So, don’t do breathing exercises or meditation exercises, or anything like that.
    After all, if you were having contact Reiki with me here at my practice I would tell you to do nothing, other than lie there and close your eyes; so why be different in a distant session?
  • Each session of Reiki (for an adult) takes an hour.
  • One session of Reiki is never enough; to have only one session would be like getting a course of medication from the doctor, and throwing the packet away after just one tablet.
  • The vast majority of my clients over the years have gone for blocks of sessions – blocks with attractive discounts!
    (Click here for the My Prices, Your Savings page.)
  • Reiki’s sole function is to heal.
    Unlike man-made medications, in Reiki there are no side-effects at all. 
    You can be receiving treatment from a doctor, or a surgeon, or be on medication, while having Reiki; none will be adversely affected by the Reiki.
    (For example, four of my clients had Reiki treatments from me while they were undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery during their hospital treatment for breast cancer.
    All four found the Reiki actually enhanced the hospital treatment.)
  • During the session you could experience the same sensations that contact clients experience.
    You might see colours.
    You might feel warmth – or even cold – in different parts of your body.
    You might feel fine sensations of pins and needles, or a sensation of fine vibration.
    You will certainly feel very relaxed, and might even drop off to sleep.
    You will probably need to go to the toilet at the session’s end; Reiki gets to work on you straight away, and starts to rid the body of toxins, via its usual route for that, the bladder.
    Or you might just experience complete relaxation, while the Reiki has been working on you on a subconscious level.
    Remember that the Reiki energy you get is exactly what you need at that moment; therefore, everybody’s experience of Reiki is unique to them.
  • When the session is over, don’t get up straight away; make sure you lie or sit where you’ve had the session for a further five minutes or so, at the end of the session.
  • Have a glass of water.
  • The Reiki energy stays in your body, doing its healing and relaxing work within you, for several days after each session.
  • Remember – Reiki works, every time.