Reiki in the News

When I used to have a newsletter, the Reiki Ken Chronicle, on the back page of it I always used to include an article about Reiki that has appeared in the press, from many parts of the world. Here is a selection of some of those articles.

Dartmouth Week is a weekly online news magazine from, not the UK Dartmouth, but Dartmouth in Massachusetts, USA.  In April 2020 they ran an article on the front page, “Remote Reiki: Hands-on Healing from Afar”.  It shows how how distant Reiki has been helping citizens cope with the coronavirus pandemic. 
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Ayush Gupta is an amazing young man from India.  He started practicing Reiki at the age of 12, and he’s now reached the grand old age of 17!  He must have a good agent because I found not one but two articles about him, published earlier this year. 
Click here for the first article.
And click here for the second article.

I used to work as a carers support worker for Darlington Association on Disability’s Carers Support Service, and am familiar with the annual reappearance of Carers Week.  In June, 2019, in Wiltshire, UK, Reiki practitioner Angela Mordekhai did as I had done, and donated her time to give carers a chance to unwind  with some Reiki.
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From a US website, Thrive Global, comes this article about Reiki in the workplace.  Thrive Global’s approach is this – “We’re uniquely positioned to sustainably change behavior by reaching people at home, at work and through the technology they already use. Our multi-pronged offering yields a revolutionary approach to ending the epidemic of stress and burnout.”  Click here to see the original article.