Reiki in the News

First, a brief word from Val of Co Durham, a satisfied client of mine –
“Had a session of distant Reiki with Ken when suffering from nerves before French oral exams – result – complete confidence and an A*”
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When I used to have a newsletter, the Reiki Ken Chronicle, on the back page of it I always used to include a published article about Reiki that has appeared in the press, from many parts of the world. Here is a selection of some of those articles.

In California, Jaclyn Francis experienced the healing powers of Reiki when she was in her twenties and found it to be nothing short of life changing. The anxiety she was experiencing around what her future should look like, was impacting her both mentally and physically. But after her first Reiki session she felt her entire energy shift. Francis wanted to help more people find access to Reiki healers and thus her business Sesh was born.
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Sangitaa Shetye practices Reiki in India, and recently she received the award for “Reiki Training Par Excellence” at the Asean Thai Business Leadership Awards held in Bangkok Thailand, The Wow Lifetime Achievement award for Reiki Healing excellence, and Guinness World Record The R.K excellence national award for Happiness coach.  To see this article about Sangitaa in full, click here.

“The Energy Practice That Helped Me Face — And Eventually, Overcome — My Burnout” – to see this article click here.  It came from the website of Mind Body Green.

Staff at Bassetlaw Hospital in Doncaster are being offered free reiki and siechem health sessions to help improve health and wellbeing after the stress of the Covid pandemic.
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Dartmouth Week is a weekly online news magazine from, not the UK Dartmouth, but Dartmouth in Massachusetts, USA.  In April 2020 they ran an article on the front page, “Remote Reiki: Hands-on Healing from Afar”.  It shows how how distant Reiki has been helping citizens cope with the coronavirus pandemic. 
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Ayush Gupta is an amazing young man from India.  He started practicing Reiki at the age of 12, and he’s now reached the grand old age of 17!  He must have a good agent because I found not one but two articles about him, published earlier this year. 
Click here for the first article.
And click here for the second article.

I used to work as a carers support worker for Darlington Association on Disability’s Carers Support Service, and am familiar with the annual reappearance of Carers Week.  In June, 2019, in Wiltshire, UK, Reiki practitioner Angela Mordekhai did as I had done, and donated her time to give carers a chance to unwind  with some Reiki.
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From a US website, Thrive Global, comes this article about Reiki in the workplace.  Thrive Global’s approach is this – “We’re uniquely positioned to sustainably change behavior by reaching people at home, at work and through the technology they already use. Our multi-pronged offering yields a revolutionary approach to ending the epidemic of stress and burnout.”  
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If like me you’ve been a fan of Cold Feet, the ITV drama series about five friends and their lives together in and around Manchester, then you’ll know the name of John Thomson, the actor who plays Pete Gifford.  But did you know that John is attuned to Reiki? No?  Then click here.

From the Birmingham Times in Alabama, USA, comes this article about Sheri Bagwell, a young lady who had been suffering from endometriosis since childhood, and for whom conventional medicine had been unable to offer relief.  She went to see a Reiki therapist in Atlanta, Georgia, and some time later was completely healed of the condition.  She now has her own Reiki practice, and teaches Reiki, too.
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McKnight’s Long-Term Care News is a national magazine (based in Northbrook, Illinois, USA), for long-term caregiving professionals, especially those in skilled nursing. They published this article on the use of Reiki in US hospitals—note the prominence given to published research material on the performance of Reiki.
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I often bring you stories about Reiki from either the US of A or from nearer home, in this country.  However, here is a Reiki article from East Africa, from the Seychelles News Agency. 
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Forbes is an American business magazine located in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.  Published bi-weekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics.  It also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law. Plus articles like this one.  Here is a piece about an Australian energy healer called Charlie Goldsmith. 
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