Reiki Courses

I ran my first Level 1 course in August 2017, and it was a real success!   The students who completed it then went on to do their Level 2 with me in 2019, and finally did their Level 3 in January of the following year, 2020.

Claire, one of the students on that first Level 1 course had this to say –

Ken, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for such a fantastic [Reiki Level 1 teaching] weekend. You are a wonderful teacher and I’m so proud to have been one of your first students! Reiki has had a profound effect on my health and well being. Looking forward to Level 2!

And Karen, one of the other students on that same course said this –

The Level 1 course was an amazing weekend, with unbelievable experiences.  After my attunement took place, I felt that something really special happened to me within.  It give me such an incredible high as though all negative energy had been removed, replaced by loving, warm, really happy positive vibes.  I felt loaded with good feeling, it has certainly changed my life for the better.  I now practice Reiki on others, and I can actually feel the Reiki energy run through my palms as it runs through me.  I love being part of my Reiki group and learning from my humble kind Master Reiki Ken, sharing his knowledge and wisdom.  It’s an extraordinary journey.  Bring on Level 2!

I ran another Level 1 course, and here’s what one of those students, Catherine, had to say –

After one Reiki treatment with Ken I felt inspired to complete his Reiki Level 1 course (which I did recently, at Ken’s home).  Ken is a kind and knowledgeable man, and I feel at ease and completely calm in his company.  I wish to continue to have regular Reiki treatments with Ken, and go on to complete the Reiki Level 2 and 3 courses.  Reiki has become a way of life for me, and has allowed me to feel relaxed and calm, which I never thought I could.  I would highly recommend Ken as Reiki therapist and teacher.

Do you want to follow Claire, Karen, and Catherine, and learn Reiki from me?  If you do, then here is an outline of the courses I am offering my students.

  • They are held here at my home in Darlington, between the hours of 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays, and then on the following two Thursday evenings, between 7.00 and 9.00 pm.
  • There is an hour for lunch, each day.
    Please bring your own packed lunch.
    Teas and coffees (and biscuits!) will be supplied by me.
  • We use my Reiki Treatment Room, and my office, upstairs, will be used as my Attunement Room.
  • There is a maximum of only four students on each course, and a minimum of two.
  • I will email you a copy of the course agenda before you come, around a week before the start of the course.
  • Students will receive a free copy of “The Reiki Manual” by Penelope Quest, and we will use the book as my course manual for Levels 1 and 2.
    For Level 3, students will, instead, receive a free copy of my own Level 3 manual.
    (I have previously worked in IT as a technical author, writing computer manuals and training material.)
  • Please bring a pen and notepad for your own notes.
    (That’s a must!)
  • Car parking for four people here in a residential area might be a problem, so it might be an idea if someone can drop you off here, and pick you up at 4.00 each day.  Not essential, but it would be a help.
  • In addition to the weekend’s experience, the following two Thursday evenings after the course are Catchup & Practice sessions, between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm.
    They will also be held at my home here in Darlington.
    There is no agenda for either of these evenings.
    They are simply an informal opportunity for you to ask me anything that has come into your mind about Reiki since the weekend’s course, and for you to practice Reiki on each other, guided by me.
  • A specially designed signed certificate will be given at the end of the second Thursday’s Catchup & Practice evening.
  • That first course from August 2017 has enabled me to start running a regular Reiki Share Group, once a month, again here at my home in Darlington.
    It follows the same pattern as the Catchup & Practice sessions, above.
    (Please note, however, it is available only to those who have done any of my Reiki courses.)

Forthcoming courses

I am hoping to run a Level 1 course in the near future, hopefully in Spring of this year (2022).

So, if you would like to do your Reiki Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 course with me, see the para below, “Interested?  Do you live in north east England?“, and get in touch with me by emailling me at, and I will be pleased to put you on my lists.

After the long periods of lockdown I am so looking forward to passing on my Reiki knowledge to you!

Please note – if you have done your Reiki Level 1 course with a Reiki master and teacher other than myself, and you want to do your Level 2 with me, I will also need to see a copy of your Level 1 certificate, which you can send to me as an email attachment, before I can accept you on to the course. 

Similarly, if you have done your Level 1 and 2 with another Reiki Master, and you want to do Level 3 with me, I will need to see copies of those certificates.  Again, that will be a requirement of entry on to my course,

(Please note, however, that in following the guidelines of both the UK Reiki Federation and the Reiki Council I can not accept a certificate from a distant attunement.)

The fees for the Level 1, 2, and 3 courses with me?  The prices for similar courses with other Reiki masters can vary a lot.  With me, however, you will be tapping into my years of experience which includes both my work as a Reiki therapist and Reiki teacher since 2009.
Additionally I work as Research Curator for Reiki Home, an international Reiki organisation based in the USA.
That follows on from my work and experience not only as Research Co-ordinator and Management Committee member with the UK Reiki Federation, but also my secondment to the Reiki Council.
Plus, I am registered with the CNHC (the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners).
Additionally, I am a qualified training instructor (City & Guilds 926 Adult Trainer’s qualification) from my days in IT when I used to teach IT and Business Studies.

  • The fee for Level 1 courses with me is £140.00.
    A non-refundable deposit (for this level, £50.00) will be required for this course, paid to me up to four weeks before the start of the course.
    You can pay by cash, or cheque, or by direct Internet banking.
    The balance of £90.00 is to be paid to me up to two weeks before the course starts.
  • The fee for my Level 2 course is £240.00.
    There will be a non-refundable deposit of £100.00, payable to me up to four weeks before the date of the course.
    You can pay by cash, or cheque, or by direct Internet banking.
    The balance of £140.00 is to be paid to me up to two weeks before the course starts.
  • The fee for my Level 3 course is £600.
    There will be a non-refundable deposit of £200.00, payable to me up to four weeks before the date of the course.
    You can pay by cash, or cheque, or by direct Internet banking.
    The balance of £400.00 is to be paid to me up to two weeks before the course starts.

Do you live in north east England?
Get in touch with me now!
Email me at
Tell me about your experience of Reiki, and why you want to do one of my courses.
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I want to help you in your quest to learn about Reiki!
(Click here for the Who is Reiki Ken page, for more evidence of my experience in the field of Reiki.
I did my own Level 1 back in 1998, my Level 2 in 2005, and my Level 3 in 2006, and started setting up my Reiki Ken practice three years later in 2009, and have had over 220 clients since then.
In putting these courses together and in writing the Level 3 manual, I have used that experience, together with the information and guidance of the Level 3 section of Penelope Quest’s book, “The Reiki Manual”.

To download my leaflet, Why Should You Learn Reiki From Me, click here.

As and when I can confirm details of future courses, I will tell you here on this page of my website, and on my blog, when the information becomes available.

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