Stress, absenteeism – and Reiki – in your workplace

StressedIn The Independent newspaper on 11 March 2013 appeared an article entitled, “It’s vital firms take steps to defuse the stress time bomb”. (Click here to download it.)

In the article, of 500 decision-makers polled by Zurich Insurance in February 2013, “42% said employee stress had had a noticeable impact on the business over the last year. One in three said stress-related issues such as low morale and increased employee absences were continuing to have a negative effect on the overall performance of their business.”

“A fifth of SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Employers) said the number of their stress related employee absences had risen over the past two years and 25 per cent said staff morale had deteriorated because of more stress at work.”

“These figures are strong evidence that tackling workforce challenges and risks is an essential part of achieving better performance and greater growth for small businesses,” says Richard Coleman, director of SME at Zurich Insurance.

“It is perhaps not surprising that the fragile business climate has had such an impact on workforce stress and morale but if these issues aren’t solved, they could have serious long-term consequences.”

But how can employers tackle stress?

Good question.

According to such sources as –

– the answer is Reiki.

Are you an employer?

Many employers already do use Reiki in the workplace. (Here in Darlington, EE, formerly Orange, have had Reiki available for the workers in their massive call centre for several years.)


And it’s not just for stress. Reiki works on mental conditions, yes, but also physical and emotional conditions. All these will cause low morale and/or absenteeism on the workplace.

To take a look at one of my own videos, showing how, in my case, Reiki sorted out my osteoarthritis and made me a more valuable member of my workforce at that time, click here.

Evidence – the effects of stress in the workplace

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have looked into the detrimental effects on business of stress-related problems in the workplace. Click here to see what the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has to say about preventing work-related stress.  Reiki will help with that.

Why Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. There are no side effects from Reiki treatment, and it is used in many Hospitals and Cancer centres for a variety of conditions. Reiki has been shown in Clinical Research Trials in both the UK and World Wide to reduce blood pressure, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. It should come as no surprise then that recent research has shown that the positive effects of Reiki can reduce absenteeism in the Work Place.

What can I do for your business and your employees?

No stress

First, by offering Reiki, you will be enhancing your attractiveness to potential new employees. Finding quality staff is a real challenge for employers, and ‘added value’ health related services like Reiki can help attract the best Employees who care about their Health, and therefore are less likely to be take sick leave.

Second, I can visit your workplace and administer Reiki sessions (30 minute sessions are recommended) in your employees’ own time within the working day.

Third, I can offer a voucher system to enable your employees to receive Reiki at my Reiki practice in Darlington. This means that the benefits of Reiki are available at a time convenient to your employees.

What’s in it for you?

Reiki Ken's leaflet

Simple! You attract and retain a more stable, happier healthier workforce and have less absenteeism. It’s what every employer wants!

Interested? Call me now for more details. My numbers are 0780 390 5881 and (01325) 469654. Or, email me, if you prefer;

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