29 April 2021

The value of my CNHC registration to you

You might well have seen this logo on my website, but did you know what it means?

What is the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)?
What does it do?
And why is it relevant to you?

In their own words –

“We were set up by the government to protect the public.
We do this by providing an independent UK register of complementary healthcare practitioners.
Protection of the public is our sole purpose.

“We set the standards that practitioners need to meet to get onto and then stay on the register.
All CNHC registrants have agreed to be bound by the highest standards of conduct and have registered voluntarily.
All of them are professionally trained and fully insured to practise.”

Let Michael Watson, the retiring Chair of the CNHC explain how valuable an indication it is to you if you’re wondering how good a Reiki therapist and Reiki teacher I am.

“It is essential that anyone who purports to be a complementary therapist is able to show that they have been trained properly and thoroughly and have been assessed so they can be deemed to be competent. All Registrants on the CNHC register have passed this test and have shown that they are content to volunteer to be held to account for how they behave and treat patients. This shows that they have the highest levels of integrity and willingly adopt the highest values in what they do as a practitioner.

“They are not required to register with CNHC but they choose to do so. Ask yourself why they have chosen to take this action and why others have not. I like to think that everyone on our register does this because they care passionately about providing excellent care and being professional – they stand tall to support excellence. 
“I know many people ask what is the point of joining an accredited register and my response has always been that it provides them with a competitive advantage over those who do not. It gives them tangible proof that they have done everything you can to give their patients confidence that they will behave properly and do all they can to help them.
“This is something that cannot be underestimated so my advice is to shout it from the rooftops!”

Consider this page to be my roof top!