1 September 2021

Two new Reiki documents you must see!

I’ve been reading a couple of amazing documents that I just had to share with you.

The first is a survey conducted – during the early days of Covid-19 – by the Reiki Centre; it makes comparisons with the responses to a survey they had already run ten years previously.  Among its findings –

Reiki is a Proven Tool to Increase Wellness and Decrease Stress.
Most Significant Benefits seen in Supporting Mental/Emotional Well-being.
Reiki helps Physical Health and Lifestyle changes too.
The Key to Success is a Regular Reiki Self-practice.
Online or Face to Face Reiki Education is Equally Effective.

For more information about the survey please click here.

The second document is possibly even more important.  It’s a book by Dr Ann Baldwin, the Professor of Physiology at Arizona University, in the USA, and is called “Reiki in Clinical Practice”.  Click here for more details about it.

As the publisher says, “Reiki in Clinical Practice is aimed at two main groups: ‘medical’ practitioners and those with a ‘medical’ background such as nurses, osteopaths, physical therapists, who may be familiar with Reiki but lack an evidence-based guide on conditions for which Reiki is most effective and who want the ‘ammunition’ to justify its use in their practice; those unfamiliar with Reiki but who are interested in finding how it can benefit their patients.

The book provides an accurate description of Reiki, based on qualitative and quantitative scientific evidence, in terms of how it can be used in medical settings to benefit patients of all types, physiologically and psychologically. It achieves this by following the journey of the author (a scientist), starting from her unsolicited encounter with Reiki and personal observations to her continuing testing of its validity and her quest to determine its effectiveness through robust, scientific investigation.”

Speaking as a Reiki therapist and Reiki teacher, to me, this is the book I have been waiting to see for years; not only does it describe the practices of Reiki, but it also gives the reader the proven science behind our Reiki practice.

I really recommend this book to you.